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Fig. 7

From: Integrated analysis identifies microRNA-195 as a suppressor of Hippo-YAP pathway in colorectal cancer

Fig. 7

Ectopic expression of miR-195-5p suppresses tumor growth in vivo. The volumes (a) and weights (b) of the tumors grown in the xenograft mouse model. Data are presented as mean ± SD (n = 6); *P < 0.05. Photographs of the mice (c) and dissected tumors (d) that were treated with or without Agomir-195-5p. e Expression of YAP1 mRNA in DLD1 tumors. f Western blots of YAP, Ki67, E-cadherin, vimentin, and ZEB2 in the tumors. β-actin was used as a loading control. g Immunohistochemistry of tumor tissues treated with or without miR-195-5p. Assays were performed in triplicates. Mean ± SD is shown. Statistical analysis was conducted using Student’s t test.

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