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Fig. 2

From: Co-infusion of haplo-identical CD19-chimeric antigen receptor T cells and stem cells achieved full donor engraftment in refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Fig. 2

Clinical responses to infusions of haplo-identical CAR-T cells and G-PBSCs in the patient with ALL. a Leukemic cells in the bone marrow decreased and were finally undetected 15 days after the first CAR-T cell infusion. Meanwhile, the percentage of donor cells elevated to 100% 21 days after the first CAR-T cell infusion. b White blood cell count recovered slowly after the first CAR-T cell infusion, and the proportion of CD3+CD19cells in nucleated cells in peripheral blood elevated to 90% and CD3CD19+ cells decreased dramatically to 0.1% 21 days after the first CAR-T cell infusion. c Changes in the platelet count and hemoglobin level. d Elevated serum LDH, ALT, and GOT were detected on day 14. Levels of ALT and GOT achieved the peak on day 15. The level of LDH reached the peak on day 17. Elevations of TB and DB were also present following rises of LDH, ALT, and GOT and reached the peak on day 18. e Levels of the allogeneic CAR gene were monitored. The highest level in the peripheral blood was reached on day 7 with a copy number within twofold of the baseline. f Serum levels of cytokines were measured at the indicated time points before or after CAR-T cell and G-PBSC infusions. Levels of IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, and TNF-α elevated markedly on day 3 and then dropped quickly

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