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Fig. 4

From: An engineered multicomponent bone marrow niche for the recapitulation of hematopoiesis at ectopic transplantation sites

Fig. 4

Analysis of trilineage differentiation of c-kit+ HSPCs on β-TCP scaffolds in vitro. a Differentiation potential of c-kit+ cells cultured for 4 and 14 days on β-TCP scaffolds with and without collagen I/III gel/Matrigel® in the presence of MSC support: granulocytes (Gr1+CD11b+), monocytes (Gr1CD11b), erythroid precursor cells (Gr1CD11bCD3CD19), and T cells (Gr1CD11bCD3+). Percentage of viable cells is shown as mean ± SD of three independent experiments. b SEM of c-kit+ cells cultured on 500-μm β-TCP/Matrigel® scaffolds. Very left column highlights cell spreading and detailed cell morphology of day 4 and day 14 cultures. C-kit+-derived cells (red arrows) are in close contact to MSCs (white arrows). Cell extensions at day 4 in detail (green arrow). View from the interior of the β-TCP macropores at day 14 (asterisk)

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