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Figure 6

From: Identification of nuclear-enriched miRNAs during mouse granulopoiesis

Figure 6

Predicted pri-miRNA targets of nuclear-enriched miR-709, miR-706, miR-467a* and miR-690 during mouse granulopoiesis. (A) Heatmaps showing differential expression of nuclear miRNAs (name in red) in promyelocytes, myelocytes and granulocytes together with the expression of mature miRNAs (name in black; inverse correlated in blue), processed from predicted pri-miRNAs targets of respective nuclear-enriched miRNAs. (B) Putative binding site for miR-709 on pri-miR-20b and pri-miR-92a, and miR-706 on pri-miR-142 and pri-miR-192 as predicted by RNAhybrid. Near perfect complementarity between nuclear-enriched miRNA and putative pri-miRNA target was found in each case.

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